Dr. Paul S. Jones

Dr. Paul S. Jones has been Organist and Music Director at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA since 1998. There he oversees the entire music program and is Artistic Director of the Tenth Concert Series. He is the founder and president of Paul Jones Music, Inc. and is the author of Singing and Making Music: Issues in Church Music Today (P&R, 2006).

Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, his earliest musical training began at the age of five in the Toronto conservatory program. Dr. Jones holds undergraduate degrees in piano performance, composition, and Bible from Philadelphia Biblical University, where he served as a faculty member for eight years and graduate degrees in piano performance and conducting from Indiana University.

With the late James Montgomery Boice he published Hymns for a Modern Reformation. He has composed or arranged more than 200 sacred works, including 50 hymn tunes with hymn authors James Boice, Eric Alexander, Philip Ryken, Derek Thomas, George Robertson, William Hughes, Douglas Bond, Timothy Witmer, and Chris Anderson.

Paul’s Hymns:

Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ

What Manner of Love

Again, Paul has published many hymns that are available elsewhere, most notably Hymns for a Modern Reformation.