"There aren’t many issues confronting the local church that are as important as the matter of worship, yet there are few ministry issues that are as hotly debated. That’s not anything new—trouble related to worship started with Cain and Abel! Frankly, it’s easier to fight about worship than to do something productive to help God’s people worship Him. That’s why I am thankful for this new ministry and website. It provides a positive, forward-looking resource for those who believe that the Bible should control this discussion and that God-honoring worship must be built on a solid theological foundation. The need of the day, from my perspective, is for biblically accurate, doctrinally rich texts joined to music that properly engages the hearts of God’s people without compromising our Christian distinctiveness. What we need is what these men are aiming to accomplish!"
(Dr. David Doran is the Pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, Michigan and President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a frequent conference speaker, the organizer of Missions Mandate and Student Global Impact, and the principal author of For the Sake of His Name.)

"Contemporary is so ‘yesterday,’ but truth—deep truth, presented through artful and singable tunes that are congregation-friendly and stylistically flexible—is fresh, relevant, and, yes, brilliantly contemporary! As a pastor of a young and growing congregation I cannot express how happy I am that my friend Chris Anderson and his friends have created a way to share with the Church of Jesus Christ the gifts that God has given them. The hymns from this great site are sure to delight churches where truth is central and congregational participation in corporate worship is primary. My Jesus Fair is a favorite in our church. Sing it with the organ or with the guitar; it doesn’t matter. It has the enduring quality of singability! Teach it to your congregation and you’ll discover as I have that every age group will readily identify with it and own it as music that resonates with the melody the Spirit has placed in their hearts. You’ll hear it come out in the singing!"
(Bob Bixby is the Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois.)

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the hymnody of Chris Anderson and Greg Habegger. I have introduced many of these hymns to our church family over the past year and they have been extremely well received. The fresh melodies and strong doctrinal content have guided our people to a better understanding of their God and drawn them to the importance of living their lives fully committed to Him. I believe strongly that biblical hymnody is a key ingredient in the spiritual growth of our people and am thankful for the resources that ChurchWorksMedia is making available to aid local churches as they seek to follow the commands of Colossians 3:16."
(Jim Bishop is the Music Pastor at Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.)

"Even though I’m usually associated with a more contemporary style of music than what is found on this site, I deeply resonate with the values of ChurchWorksMedia.com. In my interactions with Chris Anderson over the years, his desire to faithfully communicate in song the truth and wonder of God’s Word has been unmistakable. I’m glad to see the hymns he and others have been writing gain a wider audience through this website."
(Bob Kauflin is the Pastor of Music and Worship of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD and the Director of Worship Development of Sovereign Grace Ministries. He is the author of the book Worship Matters and the publisher of a blog by the same title.)

"Thank you for providing new hymns which are full of Biblical and doctrinal truths. It has been exciting to introduce these beautiful and worshipful hymns to my church—they love singing them! This new website is a perfect resource for all of us in the church music field. I look forward to keeping up with all that it will offer. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry!"
(Jerry Maxwell has been the Music Director for Calvary Bible Church in Columbus, Ohio since 1957. He is a frequent lecturer at music conferences throughout the United States, including The Wilds Music Conference and Majesty Music’s MusiCollege.)

"True Christians hunger to love Jesus better. In us there is a desire to think, speak, and sing more about Him. As I have listened to our team sing My Jesus Fair countless times over the past few months my affections have been pushed to love Christ. This hymn has painted on my mind vivid and theologically-sound images of my sin and the pain that it has produced. Yet, louder than my sin is the ‘Good News,’ and this true gospel results in my being able to forsake sin and cherish Christ. My soul needs hymns like this. Praise God for these dear brothers laboring so the Church can sing more of Christ."
(Will Galkin is the leader of Galkin Evangelistic Ministries. He has traveled in evangelistic ministry since 1995. He and his wife Christy spent six years with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team before branching out to lead their own team. During the summer months, Will serves as the staff evangelist for Northland Camp and Conference Center. The Galkin Evangelistic Team has recorded several CDs; one of which [Christ Only, Always] includes their rendition of My Jesus, Fair [sample].)

"I am thankful for the ministry of ChurchWorksMedia.com. We do a hymn of the month at our church and have used some songs off the website. We paste them into the back of our hymnals. In the past year, my congregation’s favorite hymn of the month was My Jesus Fair. We resurrect it here and there, and we receive requests for it all the time. To have a song be a favorite that is so rich in doctrine is a real encouragement to me and a reflection of a special hunger that is out there. We hope to use several of the hymns in our new upcoming Wilds songbook that will hopefully be released in the near future. May the Lord Bless you all in your wonderful ministry."
(Mac Lynch serves as the music director for Catawba Springs in Apex, North Carolina and ministers full-time at THE WILDS Christian Camp & Conference Center. He and his wife Beth have produced more compositions and recordings than can be listed here, but many can be purchased from the WILDS Online Store and elsewhere.)