Welcome to ChurchWorksMedia.com!

Our vision is to provide resources for intentional local church ministry. From our start in 2006, our “bread and butter” has been writing doctrinally-rich, Christ-centered hymns and psalms for corporate worship—all free and reproducible. By God's grace, our ministry has expanded beyond the hymns. Other exciting projects include...

  • "His Robes for Mine," a new CD of our hymns, recorded by the orchestra and choir at Stonebriar Community Church
  • Beautiful arrangements of our hymns for orchestra, choir, and/or congregation (including all of Paul Thompson's arrangements on the CD)
  • A growing series of Gospel Meditations devotionals
  • "ChurchWorks," a new blog where we make regular posts from a great team of gospel-centered, articulate leaders (including Chris Anderson, Joe Tyrpak, Greg Habegger, Milton Vincent, Sam Horn, Matthew Hoskinson, David Crabb, Danny Brooks, Paul Williams, JD Crowley, Holly Stratton, Larry Rogier, and Jim Newcomer)

There are a ton of resources here that will point you and those you lead to Christ. Click around, and come back often, as there is fresh content on almost a daily basis. If you want to help, we are supported by sales, occasional royalties, and donations from like-minded friends. To God alone be glory (Psalm 115:1)!


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