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  • Introducing Our Latest Hymn: "I Am with You"

    One month ago, the Christian community was grieved and many lives forever changed by the tragic crash of a bus from Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis. Words fail us at such times. However, only days before the event I finished a text focused on the frequent assurances from Scripture that God is with us. I posted the text here, and it proved to be an encouragement to many in the wake of the tragedy, including the grieving families. Hymns are able to speak to us and for us, and by God's grace, this one did at that time.

    Greg Habegger, an Indiana native, asked to set the text to music. He labored during that week to come up with just the right tone, just the right tune. At the request of the families, the song was introduced first during the prelude of the funeral for Chad, Courtney, and baby Phelps. We were honored by the inclusion. Now we're introducing the hymn version, which includes a dedication to Colonial Hills. 

    Next week, Molly Ijames' choral arrangement of the piece will be recorded, in Indianapolis, of all places. We look forward to hearing it, and we pray that both the hymn and the choral arrangement will encourage Christians and exalt Christ. It is our hope that Christians who know nothing of the event will still be caused to rejoice in the assurance of "I am with you" and in the hope of "Come be with me."

    The files may be found here: